Under the Sign     oil on canvas

 Under the sign of the bull of which I am

These are the fantasies of an uncontrolled astrology ...

Connections with other signs such as the fish, the symbol of the snake, tropical sea snake ... form of fetus ... an assembly of ideas of original sensations which is animistic ... diffuse sensations of a positive present ... to conquer the World


                                             Contact     +1 (917) 501-0497   Michael SOTTILE  NYA




    The ART is a Conversation,

I do a sort of recycling of the history of ART

A permanent dialogue with Art and the artists that I selected in my imaginary museum and its repeated and re-catalogued supported actions become my Brand and my expression mark combining references of artists with my own ideas findings, innovations in a certain innovative artist Entropy of this century of communication, transgression, questioning as a step forward in a present future

LINKING EAST and WEST , the Magic at the Rational,.... the knowledge to intuition, I am a Man of TWO CULTURES and I do not want to lose neither one nor the other

LABOR born on May 13, 1937 French (St Denis de la Reunion)