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MYTH of PAINTING December 2015


My  artistic story really begins in 1970 after my success for the examination of the Professorship of Art Plastics (PARIS) for a traditional education  that I had received and digested (Teaching although very important for the functioning of my brain and I thank my teachers) but I can say  that it begins  truly with my need to break ( my rupture) this ,after the two years that  I spent Bed-ridden at Hospital and from  which I escaped alive miraculously .

 in my own thoughts ,I had  to tell , I had to testify  something , then :

The theme of the CASSURE was imposed to me

Cubism is definitely for something but I should no longer  need to look at him... I had no longer need of him....   the CASSURE was in me.

 then here  begins   my confrontation  with  me alone and my white blank page or my virgin canvas... alone in my studio in Le Tampon , a town  in the south of Reunion) away from any artistic center, away from any trends, away from the emergence of  the movements said " contemporary art"  . I was with myself, with  the greatness of  Michelangelo, the flexibility and genius and the  aerial perspective of Leonardo da Vinci .. ... and ...with  Turner,  with the sweetness of Corot, the ardor of Vlaminck, the mystery of Rembrandt, with the pain of Van Gogh ... finally alone… with myself and my imaginary museum

Here  is what my paintings tell ....

I often saw things through the facets

 Happiness of being and at the same time some disarray, often mixed feelings, some Mirror images. Things have told me a story about a certain existence; beyond appearance: 

That what I wanted to convey and share



     The myth and the history of African Art which I am relatively close in my island in south of the continent africain.Ici in my childhood I heard the Tam-Tam

the dances and  the songs (le Maloya) in the fields of sugar cane around my house .


Under the Sign of TORO  


Astrology, Science or not, knowledge or Magic... I was born under the sign of Taurus

.a May 13, 1937 the day when began Guernica of Picasso ...

 how not to be moved ?...about Myth ... How not to ask questions ... existential, war, the universe, our origin, our future ... hope, expectation, .... our deep connection to what was before us, our relationship with our present .... things ... creatures ....alive or not




Zamal in creole means two things... in first one male lizard ... always in a state of conquest but also a plant with which is made as  a drug, first a drug that was used to treat the Gamecocks and may be to made them stronger ... but now used as a narcotic for man

I created this painting  in thinking of those two things that are totally linked to the island of my childhood ... I used then  the white and black ... the good, the bad? .. Articulation of the two ? ... a real questioning



Studio26 179 E 3rd Street Manhattan New York 10009

Contact Tel: 212 300 4725



7 Artworks  1983  my  MYTHS



                                                                          Cards players    80x87cm                                                         Goats                                                 Attic ( Grenier) 68x96 cm



                                                     Starlet on seaside                                                         Zamal   11x88cm                                                                 Under the Sign 72x95cm


                                                                                                                                Totems 97x91 cm


 HERE     ARE  :   My art-chitectures 5 x 2 =10 artworks….  Oil on canvas…. used for an installation


                                            Happy birthday                                                                                     Flamboyant                                                                  Quel est ton Nom                                                                                  


                                                                                                                                                                   Beyond Cubism


                                                               10 octobre 2014                                                                                         09 octobre 2014                                                   Réconciliation 14/18                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                               I hope you love Autumn


                                                                                                                      Less is More 1                  Less is More 2


These paintings will be placed like that: Beyond Cubism


 or as in my exhibition in September 2015 at Studio 26 NYC that is grouped   by  pairs to put in evidence the rythms and cadence forms : My Art -chitectures


 Each artwork  Dim 80x 60cm 


Other artworks in  NYC Studio 26 ….



Oil on paper  CLARA 1982     

CLARA Digital Print on Métal 2014          








Impossible to love you more collage and acrylic on paper 1990  




TORO oil on paper  1978 



Still-life Print on metal 2014  

Print on metal  the Painter  2014