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…language of ART


The ART is a Conversation,

I do a sort of recycling of the history of ART

A permanent dialogue with Art and the artists that I selected in my imaginary museum and its repeated and recatalogued supported actions become my Brand and my expression mark combining references of artists with my own ideas findings, innovations in a certain innovative artist Entropy of this century of communication, transgression, questioning as a step forward in a present future






      LINKING EAST and WEST , the Magic at the Rational,.... the knowledge to intuition, I am a Man of TWO CULTURES and I do not want to lose neither one nor the other




              the artist ...…..                                                           . Orient/Occident     




In my site I chose a sort of chronology of periods and works ... in reality it is not quite true: I can spend in one day from abstraction to figuration;;; following my inspiration

                    LABOR ROBERT .... ART and LANGUAGE


                    I connect the East and the West, Magic to Rational, knowledge to intuition, because I am a man of BOTH CULTURES

                                                                     the artist ... .. East / West



LABOR on May 13, 1937 French (St Denis de la Reunion)


Diploma of Drawing and Visual Arts - School Superior Claude Bernard, PARIS (replaced today by the University System Professor of Visual Arts for 30 years

A plastic arts retired teacher)

See the details on LINKEDIN.COM my publications: my Diplomas: Labor Robert | LinkedIn




 PAINTING can be considered as my MAIN SUBJECT, liaison or report  at ART and LANGUAGE remains the DOMINANT of my creation in my mind

... create places, actions, meanings, reflections It is a conversation that I establish following: my “necessity (dixit Kandinsky)”

                                                                                                                      I dialogued:


I wanted with a sure brush, (and other means!) To find there a thread in all these times, these manners, these thoughts ... and to create LABOR

My steps since 1970: ... .LABOR Destruction / Reconstruction ... .LABOR constructivist ... LABOR expression around the Woman, Maternity ... .LABOR World events witness Reaction ... .LABOR concepts ... .LABOR and its island ... Pierrefonds ... LABOR ART-Chitectures and Myths) ... .LABOR contemporary .... LABOR digital ... LABOR Photographs ...



Writtings about my exhibition in 1992 at the gallery "Le cadre Noir" summarizes some way  What I design the Art


Ministère de la culture : Sculpture Monumentale :LE DOLMEN Lycée Roland Garros Le Tampon REUNION
Musée Léon Dierx 1980 expo St Denis( Réunion)
Auctions DROUOT :la Cité de la Joie(huile et collage ) sold 3000 euros Etudes Claude Aguttes Drouot-Neuilly
Artworks  Musee Léon Dierx Reunion : 1)Vert et Rose 210x200cm ;2) Arbeit 210x200cm
Artworks l’Artothèque Reunion : 1)Série des Trams (4tableaux) ; 2)le Port de St gilles ;3) Petite maison à la Pointe quartier du Tampon                                                                                                                                                                                                    Culture Région Réunion : La Charrette Bœufs104x99cm, Crépuscule 132x99cm, Palette 170x102cm ; acquisitions 2011
My second workshop in  BOULBON 13150 France


Main Expositions :

1960 expo Montpellier (first personal exhibition) Landscapes and Portraits

             Annees 70 exhibitions-animations-; as also Manager; (years) Galerie actuelle st Pierre (Reunion) from 1970 to 1979

    International Expo Creil (bronze medal for "the burden" figurative painting, oil on canvas 1979

          1980 Tsaho St Pierre Gallery (Reunion), which hosted various works on paper and large paintings

                                                                           1992 expo gallery le Cadre Noir st Denis (Reunion) several exhibitions Collages and  Papers Theme: paper and local culture ... newspapers as decoration and wallpaper in creole houses

         History and the Life of Reunion Men in the need for resourcefulness and creativity

                Permanent Artist gallery Espace 51et gallery Alternat PARIS.year 90-92 Expos of the series of Women 80s and Collages 90 Women shift, poetry sensuality and feminity

1996 expo Departmental Office of Culture St Denis (Réunion) Great retrospective exhibition of my years of work with Videos and paintings: my EMMAUS paintings

        1996 Beaudemoulin le Tampon Art space area. My First Entropy: Classics, cubists, POP, avant-garde expo to announce the end of my career as Art Professor

                             1998 exhibition Avignon (Galerie le petit Louvre) Great Installation The woman's presence imprint her femininity her need ... A vision of  a man

1999-2000expo st Rémy de Provence Gallery LIEUX GARANCE: History of the Chapel St Marcellin Heritage History of Painting ...

 the painter who travels through history, tradition, imagination, and our heritage

                           2001 exhibition Avignon gallery ENTRY Enter the Instant ... a whole program the gesture, sensitivity The need (according to Kandinsky)

                                                          2002 exhibition Château de Portes (Cévennes with Catherine Plassart ART-POINT FRANCE) My Art in the large Middle-aged boat of the

Castle of Portes and LABOR in relief in the old stones of the Middle Ages

                2003 expo EUROP'ART Geneve (Switzerland) several Collages and Minimalists ... a journey of the artist

2003 expo BIENNIAL of FLORENCE (Italy) contacted and selected by Arte-Studio: History and INDIA Yellow saffron and mystic ... death tradition tradition belief life of Men

                        Works in Rome (Zen paintings) The flesh of the apricot, Virginity, Virginal ... minimalist color and writings

                                                  Permanent Artist 2004-2005 ENTRY IN AVIGNON MATERIAL: Above the Clouds Reunion / Paris Travel: Colors ... the glow of the morning above the clouds Abstracts

                  Initiation Concept: The PART-OVER (late 2005) ... Expo Geneva fractal paintings Attacked civilization ... my fractal painting

                                                                              2005 Expo EUROP'ART GENEVA .PartOver........ an creation after the Twin towers attack

                                                                                    Expo Artbygeneve 2009: The Piton de la Fournaise Volcano "Volcanoes" ... the four elements series of 9 square tables of 50X50cm Installation ... the work of BLACK

                                                                              2010 CRR exhibition st Pierre and Expo Médiathèque Gallery :My Ode of Pierrefonds ...an Abandoned sugar factory of the South of St Pierre island of Reunion (Style Entropy)

                                                                             2013 Expo Milan .... Garage Milano Ruotando: Theme  the square .. the collage ... the Installation

                                                                           May 2014 HongKong Expo ... presented by "Studio 26 Gallery, New York"

                                                                                                                     Asian Contemporary Art Show

                                                                                                             "Show in Hong Kong during the Art Basel Hong Kong at Conrad Hilton"


                                                                    2014 Miami Red Dot,               December 2-7, Studio 26 NYC Gallery

                                                                    2015 NYC SELECT ........................... Gallery Studio 26 NYC

                                                        2015 Solo Expo MYTHS and Mental Geometry Gallery Studio 26 Manhattan NYC Sep 02/27/2015

                                                         2017 EXPO LABOR / CHAZAL duo Reunion / Mauritius présentation ... The Creolity of two ilian artists ... Organized by Gallery Hang'ART 410

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