LABOR artist ... The life of Men . ART and LANGUAGE ... The language of ART . ENTROPY.. ENTERTAINMENT ... Metamorphoses ... Meeting of the Genres


Obsession of the Picturality ... Relativity of the Instant




Diploma of Claude Bernard PARIS .... Artistic training and Teaching


Born on 05/13/1937





I am a 79 years old French artist (80 on May 13, 2017) who has had a double career

A career as a Professor of Arts (certified then aggregated) retired in 1997

And that of artist from 1965


Until today in 2017 ... I think I can say an artist researcher ... "Art and Language."


My working conditions: .... I taught the day and I painted at night...



I have always worked in painting (from my youth to 15-16 years)

As a passion, seeking to redefine the ART as a whole ... The great illusion!


My positioning: is parallel to the World, to Life

Order and Disorder. Of the REEL .. ENTROPIE ... Metamorphoses

Rupture, or Concordance ....


I am a man of the 20th and 21st century ... who was very touched by ... Relativity .

QUESTIONNING is necessary


.Currently living and thinking like a contemporary ... always looking, and on the move ...

Not forgetting the past (which is also part of my relative .... present).


My Culture (at least) double ... western but also oriental (in spirit) with a strong African connotation (childhood and adolescence Reunion!) From where Picassien (certainly) but also other !!



It is with this that I create my originality ...



: Before: "I have a great variety of works,

Research, periods and approaches ... apparently quite difficult to catalog ....

But in which I find myself as I am .... ART is my main subject ... my conversation and ... my actions


I tell the ART ... .. Works of dialogue or answers and works of CREATION

An "artistic" testimony of my History, my thoughts, my reflections


My current works remain today in a totally contemporary research